*excerpt from Tahi-reme site

250 champions and still counting…

We first started running our kennel 27 years ago and have produced 83 litters since. We pay special attention to breed healthy puppies through expert care and feeding.

We live 20km away from Budapest (Hungary) in a village called Tahi, in a family environment which we feel has been an ideal place for our dogs. Usually, we have 6 bitches at any one time, and have had 3 litters in a year. We always try to find the most ideal male out of the leading dogs in the world in order to affiliate the best bloodline. Our aim is to further breed healthy puppies with both a stable nervous system and outstanding look who will be able to cope with the breeding and dogshows all round the world.

We believe the breeder can become professional through an honest approach, humbleness, a clean conscience and responsibility towards the success as well as accepting the faults.

We believe that this attitude towards the success of our well-being of our dogs does not always rely on luck but our professionalism. Years of experience and knowledge have gained us the respect that we have received. We have about 250 champions, IDC Siegers and European Siegers, but not only is this important, we believe that the owners give the required guarantee to give our dogs the happy life that they deserve and permit to show them.
We can only say thank you to everyone who has shown an interest and who have dealt with our kennels. In particular Fortuna who have become personal friends of mine.

Szokol Erika