Tahi-réme GINITI

There are two kinds of great dogs. The ones that appear around the corner by lucky strike or by accident if you will and the ones that come from hard work, dreams and after years of painstaking and careful selection. You can easily recognize such when looking at pedigree for all four (and probably further back) columns are filled with the same surname on dam’s side. One of such dogs is Giniti – mother of Max. A fantastic female and fruit of the decades of Tahi-réme experience in this sport. One can virtually track her ancestors back to early days of Mrs Szokol’s breeding and what is ever more important – this particular female is passing her virtues to her progeny in both terms of character and looks, leaving distinguishing Tahi-réme mark among other Dobermanns of today.


Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Show Champion


German ZTP V1 A (Mr. Wiblishauser)


EKG Neg.(2005-10-25)
HD-1 (German)
PRA free, Katarakt free

Show results

CAC, CACIB Debrecen (Mr. Roosenberg)
CAC, CACIB, BOB M-E. European Winner (Mr. Zeidl)
CACA, CACIB IHA Wels (Mrs. Anna Titz)
CACIB show in Hungary CAC, CACIB (Mr. Stummer)
CACIB Show in Nitra Slovakia CAC, CACIB, BOB, ResBOG (Mr. Kocsis)
IDC 2005 Bratislava Open class V2 (Mrs. Ridarcikova, Mr. Pezzano, Mr. Wiblishauser, Mrs. Dalgaar, Mr. Hensel, Mr. Reisinger)
CAC, CACIB Tata Hungary (Mr. Stummer)
Europa Trophy Winner Show Open class Winner (Mr. Pezzano and Mr. Wiblishauser)
CACIB, BOB Ukraine (Mr. Paroczi)
Balkan Winner Show Youth Clubwinner (Mr. Pezzano)
Dombovár V1, Hungarian Prima Junior, BOB
Wieselburg V1 Best Junior
Budapest V1 CAC resCACIB
Szilvásvárad V2 res CAC, res CACIB
Kiskunfélegyháza V1 CAC BOB
Pápa V1 CAC res CACIB
Pápa V1 CA


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