If you are interested in using MAX for your breeding program, please read this first:


  • All people of good will and honest intentions are welcome as well as their fine females…the ones that were spreading false stories and malice about our dog are NOT!
  • Your female must be healthy for mating in all aspects
  • Mating fee is set and agreed in advance
  • A puppy of choice is possible as mating compensation by request
  • MAX’s fee is per jump and not per litter – otherwise we would charge per puppy
  • Fee is to be delivered at first jump
  • Up to two jumps are allowed, although if the time is right one would do perfectly right.
  • MAX is proven stud. However, should the mating give no results the owner of the female is entitled for another try with the same or another female of his own breeding or ownership.
  • If you come from far lands we shall gladly make all necessary reservations for your stay and make your time with us as pleasurable as possible. After all, mating is essentially a social event
  • If we come to your lands – travelling and stay costs are to be added to the mating fee
  • We reserve the right to decline the mating within reasonable time span


  • If your female is not feeling well please do not even think of mating
  • If you are keeping pups in bad condition then MAX is not the male for you!
  • A vet’s acute health certificate is not necessity but it would be a nice gesture
  • No matter how good intention it might be we do not allow assisted mating – MAX knows his skill so your only task is to hold the female and as per widely known procedure all around dogs’ world – mating is conducted by male’s handler.
  • We are not bank nor litter sponsors. No postponed charge, nor in parts. If you are serious about dog sport you already know the drill.
  • Don’t play smart
  • Do not play stupid either