Here are most probable reasons why you should choose MAX for your breeding plan

Structural features
  • strong head 100% progeny  passable to boys and girls alike
  • correct height – within upper standard limits 71-72cm (70 on ZTP)
  • extremely strong bone structure
  • body substance
  • terrific backline with no overly extruded withers
  • most correct tailset
  • perfect croup both in terms of length and shape
  • excellent fore and ideal hind angulation
  • rich, free and seamless gait
  • short, rich and shiny coat
  • well defined clean markings
  • dark eye
  • dark pigment
  • dominant black
  • and expression to die for
Character & temperament
  • drive, drive, drive
  • extremely protective
  • friendly and playful with strangers if being introduced properly
  • tough, rugged & powerful
  • fearless
  • steady nerves
  • intelligent and inquisitive
  • prey driven – ball crazy & killer on the sleeve
  • Max is dominant male so, if you are into for softer character confirmation for your female best look elsewhere because as in own Uncle Ben’s words:
  • With great power comes great responsibility
Genetical heritage and strengths
  • MAX is essentially a product of two successful line breedings – Tahi-réme and Diamante Nero, with a good measure of  Rio Bianco, Del Citone and a touch of Campovalano and Neerlands Stam flowing in the background, leaving out the unwanted surprises of heterogeneous breeding program. Bello, è?
  • for those of you that are into number crunching MAX’ inbreeding coefficient  is on the lowish  6.0577% 
  • the extended info on breeding coefficient can be found on Pedigree page
Health prospectives
  • MAX is a healthy male – his tests and results can be viewed here
  • but, as you probably know, it takes two to tango so in order to pass his health virtues to the progeny a matching female is a bare necessity for any serious breeder
  • we shall be tracking his progeny’s records and they will be available to the public within progeny results section of the site.